Operating Dates
1st January - 31st December

Tren Crucero

Journey Information

Running Dates Desc: December - February, June - August

Journey Time Desc: Up to 4 days / 3 nighst

Journey Length Desc: Up to 280 miles

Class: First / 1st Class

Food: Dining on board, Snacks, Hot & Cold Drinks

Locomotives: Steam Engine, Diesel Engine

Stations: Quito, Guayaquil, Alausi

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Guayaquil to Quito 4 days / 3 nights

Check-in 07:30. Duran Train Station (details are here). Departure 08:30hrs

Day 1, Sunday. Durán - Yaguachi - Naranjito - Bucay. Depart on board the Tren Crucero. A restored steam locomotive pulls the train through coastal plantations of bananas, sugar cane and rice, as it makes its way to Bucay. In Bucay we visit the San Rafael ranch where one can enjoy activities such as hiking, horse-riding or just relaxing, before having lunch. After lunch we will explore a Shuar community, which migrated years ago from the Amazon basin to the Coast. The community will share their ancestral customs and traditions. Overnight and dinner at D´ Franco Lodge in Bucay. 

Day 2, Monday. Bucay - Huigra - Devil´s Nose Viewpoint - Alausi - Colta. After breakfast, we return to Bucay station, which is the starting point of our dramatic ascent to the Andes. With a series of zig-zags and horseshoe bends, in just 50 miles the train climbs over 9,700ft (2,960m), offering passengers fantastic views especially from the Observation Car. There is a short stop at Sibambe viewpoint, from where one can appreciate the major engineering achievement that led engineers to call this railway the most difficult in the world. Continue to the renowned Devil´s Nose and then onto Alausi, dominated by a colossal statue of St Peter. Lunch onboard as we continue our journey to Riobamba, crossing colorful quinoa fields. In Colta we visit the indigenous community of Palacio Real, where we learn about llama breeding. We arrive in Riobamba pulled by a powerful steam engine, with time to visit the Train Station Artisans’ Square before heading to the hotel.Overnight and dinner at Abraspungo Hacienda.

Day 3, Tuesday. Riobamba - Urbina - Boliche - Quito. After breakfast a bus takes us to Urbina, the highest station in the country. Here we meet the last ice-trader, who at 69 years' old and like his father and grandfather before him, uses a donkey to travel to the slopes of the Chimborazo Volcano to dig ice from the glacier to sell to the vendors in the villages and towns. Then we ride north along the Avenue of Volcanoes, the fertile valley sheltered between the two arms of the Andes mountain range. In clear days you can spot up to twenty volcanoes from the comfort of your seat. In the skirts of Cotopaxi volcano we will explore a singular Andean forest trail before continuing our ride towards Quito, with its UNESCO World Heritage old quarter. Overnight and dinner in Quito.

Day 4, Wednesday. Quito - Otavalo - San Antonio - San Roque - Ibarra*. After breakfast the steam locomotive takes us across the northern valleys. Visit woodcarving workshops at San Antonio, discover local traditional food in Andrade Marin and enjoy a show of local music and textile weaving at San Roque train station. After lunch in the Hacienda La Compañíawe return to Quito where you will be transferred to the Swissotel - offer excludes dinner, but includes breakfast.

N.B. On Day One of the Quito to Guayaquil journey, the morning journey from Quito to Boliche is in a regular 'rustic' (local) train and, in the afternoon, Tren Crucero is used for the journey from Boliche to Lasso.

Dates 2018/2019

2018:  December 1,15.

2019: January 12,26. February 9,23. March 9,23. April 6,20. June 15. July 13,27. August 10,24. September 7,21. October 5,19. November 2,16,30. December 14,27.

Quito to Guayaquil  4 days / 3 nights

This is the same itinerary as Guayaquil to Quito (above), but in reverse.

Dates 2018/2019

2018:  December 11.

2019: January 8,22. February 5,19. March 5,19. April 2,16. May 28. June 11,25. July 9,23. August 20. September 3,17. October 1,15,29. November 12,26. December 10.