Operating Dates
1st January - 31st December

Majestic Train de Luxe

Journey Information

Running Dates Desc: May - December

Journey Time Desc: Day trips and a multi-day excursion

Class: Premier Dining, Luxury Day

Food: Dining on board

Locomotives: Steam Engine, Diesel Engine

Stations: Salzburg, Vienna Franz Josefs, Vienna Heiligenstadt, Brünn, Kitzbühel, Bad Ischl, Bad Deutsch Altenburg

Cost Desc: Prices vary according to the journey


When a person on behalf of a travel agency, tour operator or other travel organisation (hereinafter referred to as ‘Client’) or an individual customer ('Customer') that is registered with World Train Travel  (hereinafter referred to as ‘WTT’) pays WTT a deposit or full- or part-payment for the cost of travel on a journey on a train or on a tour or for another service, operated by a train company, tour operator or service provider (hereinafter referred to as ‘Provider’), as presented by WTT,  the Client / Customer enters into an agreement with the Provider for all matters relating to the journey or service connected to the booking, and full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, and those of the Provider by the Client / Customer is assumed.

WTT is an agent; the contract is between the Client or Customer and the Provider.

This train is operated by 

Majestic Train de Luxe, Inkustraße 1-7, A-3400 Klosterneuburg, Austria. Tel +43 (0)1 513 28 81 Fax +43 (0) 1 513 28 83  Hotline +43 (0) 664 43 23 23 0 


The relevant conditions of carriage and byelaws of the railway operators over whose lines The Client’s customers travels are incorporated into the contract together with those of any other carrier.


The contract also includes, where applicable, the Uniform Rules concerning the Contract for International Carriage of Passengers and Luggage by Rail (CIV) which are applicable to the Berne Convention concerning international carriage by rail.


These conditions are subject to variation at any time.

Any variation will be displayed here and you will be deemed to have accepted a variation if you have made a booking after it has been displayed.

These Conditions and any appendices shall take effect on the date displayed above until further notice, or as superseded by later versions. 


The Client is hereby notified that it must ensure the Client's customers have adequate insurance cover for the travel, tour or service booked by the Client with WTT.  Similarly the Customer must have adequate insurance cover for the travel, tour or service booked by the Customer with WTT.  Cover must include refunds, cancellations and travel plan alterations, howsoever caused.  WTT accepts such a booking on the strict understanding that this insurance cover is in place.


The Client / Customer is responsible in ensuring passports and visas, as may be required, are valid prior to departure, and for the entire duration of the journey.


When a ticket, tour or other service (hereinafter referred to as ‘ticket’) is reserved, WTT sends an email confirming the booking, with a booking reference number.

A booking fee may be charged.

Examine tickets carefully upon receipt.  Both the Provider and WTT accept no liability for ticket errors resulting from incorrect information provided by you.

If there is any inaccuracy, the Provider must be notified within 24 hours of receipt of your tickets.

The Provider aims to ensure that all tickets booked through WTT are issued correctly and efficiently but in the event of any error or delay occurring in connection with the booking or the issue of tickets, the maximum liability to the Client or Customer will be to refund the price of the ticket, notwithstanding these terms and conditions.

Names on travel documents must match exactly those shown on passports, where applicable.

If an e-ticket has been provided by WTT, it must be taken when travelling as it may be required on demand.  Customers should also have a valid form of identification during travel.


All fares quoted by WTT are subject to availability and are only available when payment has been received from the Client / Customer.

There are various ways to pay, including credit cards, bank / wire transfers and UK cheques.  These and other methods are covered in the guide ‘How to Pay for Tickets and Tours’.


Unless indicated otherwise in the specific terms that apply to the ticket, it is only valid for travel at the times stated on it and may not be exchanged.

If the Provider makes any change to or cancels the booking, the Provider's maximum liability may be the refund of the ticket price.

WTT is involved in the administration of refunds and changes to tickets and tours for all bookings on luxury trains, whereas the Provider handles refunds and changes to tickets and tours for all bookings on tourist trains directly with the Client / Customer.

The details concerning ticket refunds are set out in the specific terms that apply to it. If these permit a refund, WTT reserves the right to charge a processing fee of up to 20% of the cost of the ticket if WTT is involved in the administration of the refund.  The Provider may charge a processing fee.

The processing fees made in respect of exchanges and cancellations, if WTT is involved in their administration, are in addition to any charges that may be made by the Provider concerned.

Refunds on partially-used tickets are not available.

All refunds will be made by any method by which WTT deems, if WTT is involved in the administration.


WTT will not be liable for any delay, poor performance or failure in performance caused by matters beyond WTT’s reasonable control.

Likewise the Provider will not be so liable.



1. The following terms of business apply to all journeys Majestic-Train GmbH organises and undertakes and to all other services (organisation of events, etc.) offered in connection with these journeys. Any deviations from these terms are only legally valid and binding if they have been confirmed in writing by Majestic Imperator's managing director. Terms which have been sent to Majestic-Train GmbH and differ from the company's terms of business, or any oral agreements not confirmed in writing, are not legally valid or binding. 

2. All offers, contracts, confirmations, preparations, and the necessary supervision to guarantee a perfect train, ride as well as all the invoicing will be handled at Majestic Imperator's head office in Vienna. 

3. All offers, when accepted by a client, only become valid after written confirmation by Majestic Imperator's managing director. 

4. As far as possible, Majestic-Train GmbH uses historical carriages for all journeys; given the extensive maintenance required for such carriages, it may happen that one or the other carriage is not available on request. Therefore MajesticTrain GmbH reserves the right - before or even during a journey - for technical reasons to exchange these carriages for others, which may be newer or offer a different design from the originally selected one, without clients being able to set up a legal claim. The same conditions apply to historical locomotives, which for technical reasons may be exchanged for more modern locomotives with a different type of engine (steam, electric, diesel). 

5. As far as services beyond the charter of carriages and the organisation of journeys are concerned, Majestic-Train GmbH is entitled to use the services of third parties. 


1. All prices are quoted in EURO. Any information provided in other currencies is only to help clients to get a better understanding of our prices; such information is not legally binding. 

2. Clients are asked to settle their account in advance, according to the following terms: - 10% of the total amount upon written acceptance of our offer  - An additional 20% of the total amount to be received by Majestic-Train GmbH 90 days prior to the beginning of the journey  - The remainder (70%) of the total amount to be received no later than a fortnight prior  to the beginning of the journey 

 - Any possible additional charges to be paid immediately after receipt of the final invoice. 

3. Payments must be made in such a way that they are received by the deadlines stated above. 

4. If payment is not received in time, Majestic-Train GmbH is entitled to withdraw from the deal. 


1. In addition to all cases provided by law, the client is entitled to withdraw from the deal at any time. The cancellation has to be made in writing. In case of cancellation by the client, Majestic-Train GmbH is entitled to the following cancellation fees:  10% of the total amount due if cancellation is received more than 90 days prior to the beginning of the journey  30% of the total amount due if cancellation is received between 89 and 14 days prior to the beginning of the journey.  100 % of the total amount due if cancellation is received less than 14 days prior to the beginning of the journey. 

 These fees are due and payable one day after the cancellation by the client has been received by Majestic Imperator. 

2. If the total amount due is not received by Majestic-Train GmbH at least eight (8) working days prior to the beginning of the journey, Majestic-Train GmbH is entitled to withdraw from the contract, allowing the client two more days to settle the account, without prejudice to any other right or remedy which Majestic-Train GmbH may have. 


1. If the journey or parts of the journey or any of the services offered in connection with it have to be changed or cancelled due to force majeure, the client is not entitled to any compensation. Natural catastrophes, war, public unrest or rebellion, acts of terrorism or threats thereof, a breakdown of public order, technical or organisational difficulties, impassable tracks, or other reasons which make the journey impossible, are to be considered as force majeure. 

2. We do not and cannot warrant for the compliance with time tables presented to us, because all regular trains, including regular freight trains, take precedence over our special trains. Therefore we only warrant for transportation to a specific destination, but not for the time of arrival. Therefore clients are not entitled to any compensation or indemnity if we are unable to stick to our original time table and to arrive at our destination at a specific time. 

3. Majestic-Train GmbH is only liable for any kind of damage to, loss of, or destruction of any personal property of our passengers, if such damage is caused wilfully and knowingly or due to negligence by us or any third party we are legally responsible for. 

4. Passengers are forbidden to behave in an offensive or any other way which might endanger the life or property of any other person. If a passenger disobeys this rule or any necessary orders issued by Majestic Imperator's personnel on the train, he or she is liable for any damage done to us or any third parties affected. Moreover, we reserve the right to relegate such passengers without any compensation at any train station of our choice during a regular stop of our train. 

5. Our clients are liable for the behaviour of their own guests and business partners. 


1. All claims Majestic-Train GmbH might have against its clients, including claims for indemnity, have to be made in Vienna. 

2. Austrian law applies in case of any dispute arising due to or in connection with this contract. 

3. All disputes arising due to or in connection with this contract have to the settled at the respective court with commercial jurisdiction in the 1. district of Vienna. § 14 KSchG is unaffected by this.