About Us

World Train Travel is specially developed for travel agents and individual travellers.


Many travel agents do not book any rail journeys.

World Train Travel (WTT) aims to change that, featuring different and often unusual train trips and products, which provide new, interesting content for travel consultants' clients.  

WTT is able to offer commission to bona fide travel agents on some of its range, such as for luxury train travel.  Some services may only attract a small commission, but they (like a few non-commissionable products) add real value in being part of the WTT site; clear rail product content in one portal helping travel professionals attract and retain customers.

WTT is open to inquiries and, if a travel agent is not requested, bookings from individuals.

World Train Travel is a Train Chartering product.

For fuller details of luxury train travel throughout the world, go to The Luxury Train Club.

The Train Chartering Company Ltd was founded in 1998, and focusses on the hire or charter of complete trains and of carriages to corporate or private clients.  

Train Chartering's other services include Luxury Train Club (the world's luxury trains, with member benefits), Private Rail Cars (private hire of passengers railcars in the USA and elsewhere) and Train Hire (low-cost large group travel).

Simon Pielow 
Simon is the co-founder of World Train Travel and Train Chartering. He is also Managing Director of Train Chartering and a self-confessed ‘trainvangelist’ for the new age of rail.
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Fay Lejeune 
Fay is the co-founder of World Train Travel and Train Chartering. She is the Service Delivery Director of Train Chartering; each journey must feel special for every passenger.
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