Operating Dates
1st January - 31st December

Majestic Train de Luxe

Journey Information

Running Dates Desc: May - December

Journey Time Desc: Day trips and a multi-day excursion

Class: Premier Dining, Luxury Day

Food: Dining on board

Locomotives: Steam Engine, Diesel Engine

Stations: Salzburg, Vienna Franz Josefs, Vienna Heiligenstadt, Brünn, Kitzbühel, Bad Ischl, Bad Deutsch Altenburg

Cost Desc: Prices vary according to the journey

The Austro-Hungarian Empire has vanished into the mists of time, leaving only fading memories, ornate architecture – and this lovingly re-created Imperial Train.  

As you approach the train,  the atmosphere of the past is redolent of romance and mystery.  On boarding, one’s breath is taken away by the sumptuous elegance of a bygone era.

These luxury carriages  are based on the imperial train of the Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth of Austria, the Imperial Express.  Surrounded by the splendour of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, these magical  journeys are  accompanied by unforgettable Viennese waltzes and fine dining created by the famous Austrian chef, Toni Mörwald.



The Ambassador Car

Ambassador seats up to 36 guests for fine dining and features a beautiful piano bar. Part of the original curtain of the Emperor's balcony at the Vienna State Opera is prominently displayed, featuring the hand woven crest of the Monarch.

The Salon Elisabeth

Salon Elisabeth has 24 dining seats in the salon and 24 luxury compartment seats in 4 private compartments and is named for the legendary Empress Elisabeth. The original curtain from the Emperor's balcony in the Vienna State Opera hangs in the Salon, with freshwater pearls from the Danube.


Equipage seats 36 guests, and has a bar. The curtains are the same as at the Schönbrunn Castle, the summer residence of the Habsburg rulers. Tables and chairs can be moved as required, for lectures, a ballroom dance floor or other arrangement of choice.

Excelsior Car

Excelsior replicates a carriage in the original Imperial Train which took over 6000 hours to redesign, and affords a 360 degree panoramic view.  Excelsior seats up to 43 guests for dining.  There is a bar and a dance floor with a BOSE music system.  The original mirror of Empress Elisabeth’s carriage hangs in Excelsior.

Salon 1

Salon 1 is a replica of Emperor Franz Josef I.’s 1905 parlour car designed for up to 14 people.   Amenities include 14 dinner seats and 18 regular seats in the coupés.  There is a bar, a vcr, a cloakroom and two lavatories.  The additional 18 seats in 3 luxury compartments exude cosiness, known as "Gemütlichkeit", for which Austria's coffee-houses are famous.  Here too there is a 360 panoramic view.


Depending on the tour taken, there is a three or four course traditional meal served on the train, with drinks included.


The Train caters for private and corporate groups from 20 (or less) to up to 150 guests. Larger groups can be accommodated with additional heritage carriages. The carriages are built to modern standards, allowing one or more to be attached to regular scheduled trains for smaller groups.


In addition to the  photos in the gallery at the top of this page, there are  many more images here showing the Majestic Imperator in its full glory. Photos include layouts of cabins and seating. See more Majestic Imperator images